Dalian Luming 
Dalian Luming is a semiconductor lighting industry leader, national well-known enterprises. The company has strong technical accumulation, has been researching LED light emitting materials for more than 10 years. BY December 31, 2010, the company has a total of 88 patents or application right, of which 21 overseas patents or application right. The company’s " new rare earth activated silicate luminescent material and application" project obtained national technology invention prize two in 2007; the company’s "the only one in the field of LED access to national technical invention award of the semiconductor lighting ( LED ) application of enterprise " is the core technology of LED white light illumination.
The company’s “remote intelligent control LED full color display curtain state " won the " China Red Star Design Award " in 2010, reflected the company's excellent ability of innovation of technology and product development capability. The company successfully implemented a number of major LED application marking project, is the one of the application of LED minority in city and road lighting engineering contractor first class qualified enterprises. Company built the Beijing Olympic National Swimming Center “Water Cube"’s mantle state LED display system, which was awarded "2008 China LED Application Engineering Excellence Award ", the Chongqing Grand Theatre shaped mantle state LED display won the "2009-2010 annual Top 10 LED display application".