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Company Profile
Prime Value focuses on enterprises with unique advantages in Culture and Media,medical health, energy saving, environment protection, modern agriculture, retail and technology sectors. We look for a target which should have wide market opportunities, a professional management team and other competitive advantages such as clear market orientations, high entry barriers or innovative business models.
We expect to cooperate with outstanding entrepreneurs by providing capitals, management and other supports to enterprises at different stages, in order to open a broader future and create first-class China Companies with products and services improve our human lives.
Prime Value has a professional team with extensive international investment and operation experience. Many years of overseas experience makes us have a broader perspective, look into the future trend of development; The respect for native cultures makes us better adapt to the market environment of China. Most of us have entrepreneurship, also served in the high level of Multi-National Corporation, so that have solid industry backgrounds, rich business management and investment experience. Prime Value not only provides capital, but also our experience in industries and global resources.